Self Esteem Day

is a Self Esteem awareness promotion to remind you to boost yourself esteem daily. You are a unique, with your own fingerprints, experiences and gifts. Your one goal in your life is to become your very best. That means overcoming the challenges that you encounter, so you can create yourself.

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What is Self Esteem

Self Esteem is your key to your success. It is your thoughts about yourself, your actions your successes.

There are two main areas to healthy self-esteem:

- your sense of personal worth.

- your sense of personal ability.

These two components of self-esteem develop over a period of time and with a wide variety of different and varied experiences.

For example, when you were learning to read, you started with one word then read a sentence, a paragraph and finally a book. When people have challenges learning to read, they get ‘stuck’ in a place of feeling ‘not okay and often their self esteem dips’. If they choose to get help to learn to read, their sense of accomplishment boosts their self esteem. Self esteem is learning to believe in yourself and what you can achieve.

Personal Worth

The first major factor of self-esteem is your sense of personal worth or being worthy of respect. Often this stems from being loved or valued by others, first and usually by parents in the home then spreading to other family members and finally out into the wider community.

Personal Ability

The second part of self esteem is your sense of ability or skill. This comes from the extent to which you see yourself as the reason for situations. For example if you can’t read, do you blame yourself, your schooling, or not doing your homework or you did not attend school or maybe you are dyslexic and it was not ‘picked up’ during your school years.

The essence of self-esteem is the feeling of having an effect on things and being able to cause or affect events. From the example above you could decide you did not learn because you did not want to and was unruly and wagged school to hang out with friends OR never had the opportunity to learn. These are two different reasons and situations.

Your personal ability includes your learning to be confident in your own potential and ability to cope with life’s ups and downs and how well you can cope with them as you overcome your challenges. As you increase your esteem you increase your feelings of your own potential. You start to ‘feel good’ about yourself and realise you can achieve whatever you want in life.

Improve Self Esteem

A person’s self-esteem is not static or constant throughout life. It starts at birth and moves up or down depending on situations the human encounters (See our short video, on this site about how self esteem develops).

Everyday people need to boost their self esteem by engaging in positive thoughts and activities that make them feel good. Additionally, people need to be engaged in interactions that are positive and uplifting rather than negative and discouraging.

As an example, children (and adults) unknowingly experience feelings of being likable and lovable, depending on the feedback they received from parents or other people. As they approach adolescence their attention begins to shift from acceptance and feedback from adults to the feedback received from their peers, media and social media. For example, girls at this time typically value their appearance and their popularity with their peers, while boys typically value their athletic prowess and the recognition they receive from athletic competition, peers and social media.

Build Self Esteem

As you take steps towards creating the successes you want in your life, gradually you build your self esteem, from low to high.

Sometimes your sense of self esteem is a result of evaluating yourself against another situation or standard. This is a common and vital mistake because you have your own talents, skills and attributes. Remember you have your own fingerprints that stamp you as a unique individual. Your life goal is to develop yourself rather than copy-cat or model someone else.

In addition, other factors like cultures and gender and even ages and stages of life are often assessed differently and affect your levels of self esteem and confidence.

Past, Present, Future

Your level of self-esteem is constantly changing with past, present, new andupcoming experiences and challenges. When your self esteem is affected by external sources, like other people’s opinion of you, feedback from others, and other comparisons then your thinking and belief in yourself is likely to be lower. You are less likely to be achieving your goals and achieving the successes you desire.


At this stage, you need to embark on your journey of self awareness and personal development. You need to move out of your current comfort zone and probably uncomfortable place in your life alearn new ideas and thinking to help you create the success and happiness you deserve and desire.


17 Benefits for Improving your Self Esteem


  1. You realise that you are a great person!!!!
  2. You learn that other people’s opinion of you is not necessarily correct. It is correct when they think you are great and you think you are not.  It is incorrect if they think you are not okay and you think you are.
  3. You learn that you are a unique person with your own fingerprints.
  4. You learn that your life goal is to become YOU (not anyone else).
  5. You learn other people are just giving you their opinions and you need to decide whether they are right and if you want to do what they want or what you want.
  6. You learn that your self esteem starts from when you are born and as an adult is influenced by adults ie. Family and teachers.
  7. You learn that as an adult if your self esteem is not great you are now an adult and responsible for yourself and have a choice whether to change your thoughts or not.
  8. You learn that when you do something the first time you are learning.
  9. You learn that you can overcome challenges as you experience them.
  10. You learn you are a different personality from other people and some things you are fabulous at and others are more challenging.
  11. You learn that you have your own natural gifts and talents, given to you to learn ‘who’ you are and they are yours to share with the world.
  12. You learn your life journey is for you to experience as you learn to love yourself and create the success you want.
  13. You learn you need to boost your self esteem everyday.
  14. You learn you need to have faith and confidence in yourself.
  15. You learn to ask for help if you need it.
  16. You learn that you are absolutely, fabulous and fantastic.
  17. You learn that you will be learning all your life.
Wrapping up

Because I have been there, I know it feels ‘not okay’. I know what is required to movefrom ‘not knowing what I want – except not what I’ve got’ and daily living with lowself esteem and lack of confidence to now believing ‘the world is my oyster’ and having high self esteem and the confidence to create anything I want.

So join with us and let my team and myself assist you to boost your self esteem, believe in yourself and create your dream life.

–  Is it tricky – Yes!

– Is it overnight – No!

– Is it worth it – YES!

Your outcome will be you are living your life with the freedom to create yourself to become the very best you choose.

Best Wishes

Janice – the lady with nice in her name

Queen of Self Esteem.

Me, The Attitude Specialist

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